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Protective workwear is paramount in work environments with high-risk levels. It protects you from harm, enables you to function at the highest level and allows you to focus on what is truly worth your attention: your profession.

At TenCate Protective Fabrics, we enable millions of professionals worldwide to be great at what they do. We create fabrics that employees truly like to wear, both in high and low risk environments: doing maintenance work up in the air on a high voltage line, enjoying a deserved coffee break with colleagues or simply heading back home safely after a challenging day. Our fabrics offer protection in any situation. To feel safe and confident but, above all, feel comfortable.

Our aim is to use our long-standing experience and drive for innovation to continuously create the fabrics that support you in the best possible way and help you excel in what you do best.

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The Three Pillars of Protective Fabrics

Millions of professionals worldwide rely on our fabrics on a daily basis. Why? We understand what your workers need, and are able to translate your unique requirements into protective fabrics that provide optimum safety, comfort and confidence.

Their needs are our starting point

High-quality protective fabrics are created with the user in mind. At TenCate Protective Fabrics we’re always looking to provide you with the right level of protection, by creating fabrics that that perfectly fit safety standards and offer the best comfort. Providing you with fabrics that workers really like to wear.

Making confidence the industry standard

Safety is paramount. We create fabrics that provide you with the confidence that workers are protected against all possible risks and threats. In order to deliver the best possible experience for the workers, partnering with leading garment makers and industrial laundries is crucial. Our common goal is to deliver garments that not only protect but fit well, look good and last longer. Adding confidence and pride to unbeatable quality and value.

Innovating for the future

We believe the future provides us with endless possibilities. That’s why at TenCate Protective Fabrics, we always keep an eye on the future making sure you can benefit from the latest trends and innovations.


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